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The St. Nicholas Uganda Children's Fund is a
registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
All donations are tax deductible.
FEIN: 26-1600243
Peter Georges
Executive Director
Frank Kimbugwe
Associate Director
Sharon Georges
Founding Director
Agnes Nalukenge
Associate Director
Field Operations
Board of Directors
Peter Georges, President
Sharon Georges, Vice President
Jennifer Cunningham, Secretary-Treasurer
Jack Palivoda, Director
Elizabeth LeMaster, M.D., Director
Barry A. Sabol, Ph.D., Director
Peter holds a B.A. in Humanities
from Case Western Reserve
University in Cleveland, OH.  He
retired from Lucent Technologies
(now Nokia) after a twenty year
career in telecommunications,
Previously he worked as a banking
executive.  Prior to coming to
Uganda, he volunteered with Red
Cross Disaster Services, Habitat for
Humanity, and Project Mexico.  He's
worked in Uganda since 2002.
Sharon is a registered nurse and a
graduate of Fairview Hospital School
of Nursing in Cleveland, OH.  She
has a wide range of medical
experience, including OB-GYN,
surgery, general medicine, and as a
special needs camp nurse.  She's
volunteered with the American Red
Cross, and taught Board Review
Classes for Licensed Practical
Nursing students.  She's worked in
Uganda since 2002.
Agnes earned Certificates in
Counseling & Guidance and Caring
for People Living with HIV through
the Uganda Orthodox Church AIDS
Programme.  She is our principal
day-to-day interface with students,
schools, parents, and guardians.
Agnes is responsible for monitoring
the children's health & home
environments and for fact-checking
in the interview process.  She's been
with the organization since 2007.   
Frank holds a Diploma in Marketing
from Maganjo Institute in Kawempe
and has been the administrator of
the St. Nicholas Uganda Children's
Fund since 2007. Frank is
responsible for office management &
maintenance, financial
record-keeping, purchasing of school
supplies, uniforms & textbooks, and
local disbursement of funds.