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Sponsor a Child
Secondary School Student:  $660.00/year ($55.00/month)
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While we appreciate general donations of any amount, we also offer the opportunity for interested donors to sponsor
individual children.  You will receive personal information and a photo of your child.  Your sponsorship donation will pay
for school fees, daily school lunch, school uniforms, shoes, socks, learning materials, and medical care.   
Primary School Student:  $300.00/year ($25.00/month)
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Vocational Training Student:  $1,200.00/year ($100.00/month)
University Student:  $2,100.00/year ($175.00/month)
Additional sponsorship options for
Secondary, Vocational, & University
Partial Sponsorship
Specify the category of student you wish to
sponsor and pledge any amount that you can
afford.  The only difference between partial and
full sponsorship is that you may be sharing the
support of the student with other sponsors.
Join together with other individuals or families
to sponsor a student at a higher level.  This is
also a good option for a Sunday School class,
church group, or other organization.
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"Want to Change
the World?  
Sponsor a Child."